Our Scholarships & How to Apply

Scholarship Help for Dependents of Families Impacted by Ovarian Cancer

Whether a family is facing the spiritual, physical, or financial suffering inflicted by the diagnosis, treatment, or death of a loved one from ovarian cancer, the ramifications are formidable.

Bridget’s direct medical expenses exceeded $900,000 over the 17-month course of her treatment. Medical insurance paid a significant portion of those expenses, but not all families find themselves protected with such coverage.

While our Foundation is unable to assist in dealing with all aspects of the devastation caused ovarian cancer, we can offer help with an educational grant to the children of such families.

Dependents of any age interested in pursuing an education leading to a career in any field (but preferably, the healthcare sector) at an accredited technical school, or a two to four-year college anywhere in the U.S. can apply for our scholarship. We can provide an up to $1,000 direct school tuition payment to help defray the costs of that education. As the Foundation grows, payment amounts, and the number of scholarships awarded will increase.

Even if the student is currently enrolled in school for such a program and needs additional financial assistance to continue or complete their studies, they may qualify.

Requirements to apply:

Applicants must:

  • Verify that their parent or guardian is currently under treatment for ovarian cancer in a hospital-based cancer treatment program, or that the applicant suffered the loss of a parent or guardian to ovarian cancer within the last 18 months, and that they are related by birth, adoption, guardianship, or foster care affiliation to the ovarian cancer victim.
  • Provide proof of application or admission to an accredited technical school or two to four-year college-level educational institution anywhere in the U.S. for an education leading to a career.
  • Demonstrate financial need and a commitment to complete their education to the best of their ability.
  • Apply at least three months prior to the commencement of their studies (unless currently pursuing that education).
  • Applicants must also complete and submit an application by going to our “Application and Review” page.

In addition to this initial application, each applicant must also provide the above information requested.

Getting the Word Out

The Bridget Nesko Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is working with local and national nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting patients being treated for ovarian cancer – including the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition – and with hospice programs, colleges and technical schools – to make parents, guardians, children and colleges aware of this scholarship opportunity.

If you need brochures about our Scholarship Program for your organization, please contact us and we’ll make sure you receive them! Send an email to: Director@BridgetAngelFund.Org  


Bridget and Kevin Nesko