Application and Review Process

Application and Review Process

Bridget Nesko after graduating from George Mason University School of Nursing in 2006

Please complete and submit the following application for early scholarship consideration.

Applications will be considered throughout the year as received, and all applicants will be contacted by a member of our Award and Scholarship Review team.

Candidates can apply themselves or can be recommended for consideration by family or another representative.

Candidates selected to receive an award or scholarship will be notified within 30 days of the Foundation’s receiving all information requested and after our initial live interview.

Bridget faced significant personal, financial and family challenges while seeking her degree, but worked hard to overcome them to earn her degree. YOU CAN TOO!

If you or your child (any age) is interested in pursuing an education leading to a career in any field – with healthcare preferred – at an accredited technical school, or a two or four-year college-level educational institution anywhere in the U.S., our scholarship can provide an up to $1,000 direct school tuition payment to help defray the costs of that education. Even if the student is currently enrolled in school for such a program and needs additional financial assistance to continue or complete their studies, they will be considered.

2023 marks the initial year of the Foundation’s operation. As the Foundation grows, funds awarded for scholarships are planned to increase.

Requirements to apply:

Applicants must verify that their parent or guardian is currently under active treatment for ovarian cancer in a hospital or hospice setting or a related ovarian cancer treatment program.

If the applicant has lost a parent or guardian to ovarian cancer within the last 18 months, they will be asked to substantiate the loss.

In addition, applicants must:

  • Provide proof of the legal relationship with the patient, parent and/or guardian
  • Provide proof of application or admission to an accredited technical school or two to four-year college-level educational institution anywhere in the U.S. for studies leading to a career – preferably but exclusively in the healthcare field
  • Demonstrate financial need created by the illness or loss and show commitment to complete their education to the best of their ability.

Applicant must also complete and submit the application below, checking off the scholarship program for which they are applying.

Applicants are asked to apply at least three months prior to the commencement of their studies or prior to the completion of their studies.

Must provide a detailed biography and/or verifiable resume of your background, as well as a narrative explaining how they were able to overcome personal, family, financial, social or institutional challenges to reach this point in their career (see Application, below).

Submit Application Information Below

Should you have any questions or need additional information, we are happy to help you in the process. Contact us at Info@BridgetAngelFund.Org, or by phone, at 856 595 2184 and we will have someone from our Board of Trustees contact you within 24 hours.